DANCING: Dancing is the king and queen of exercise (Shiva and Shakti).It is suitable for all classes, all ages and all sexes. It is a most elegant and most exhilarating exercise. It is one of the most ancient and one of the most salutary. Many Yoga gestures are beautiful poses of dancing. It is extremely suitable for sedentary, for invalids and for consumptives so Dance whenever you can, whatever you can and however you can and do not worry if this world think of you as a crazy. I do dancing. SO GOTTA DANCE-GOTTA DANCE-BHA!_ Dr. Bharat Vaidya

GYAN YOGA: Gyan yoga means ultimate knowledge of non-duality and Virata (AUM). Gyan Yoga is not in touch with any idea or object, as there exist nothing else but the non-dual ‘Bhramma’ or knowledge. It is also known as ‘Asparsha Yoga’, a spiritual discipline which does not admit of relationship or touch with anything else. So does wise says…|| Ashparsh Yogo Vai Naam Durdash:……………………..||_ Dr. Bharat Vaidya

SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE: The truth discovered under the name of scientific medicine or another name is modern medicine is so variable that the truth of today is rejected as false the next day……The scientific system yet to find a NATURAL LAW which pervades medicine and cure with NATURAL LAW OF MOTHER NATURE which is highly lacking._ Journal of Ayurveda, December 1925, Calcutta (Info ,courtesy Prabhuram Ayurved Vidyalaya, Trust Clinic, Bombay, India)

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VEDIC (SANKHYA) THEORY AND AYURVEDA: While the previous dissertation on of no consequence character of the soul, the latter commences to discuss on the questions how the material environment in which the soul is said to live in is evolved, and how the inclusion of the spiritual within material organism is affected through Maya or Matrix. Here modern medicine fails to understand this vast phenomena of universe-within or around._ Dr. Bharat Vaidya

ARABIAN NIGHT’S AND VEDICS: Professor Wilson’ Hindoo Theatre has mentioned translation of six Sanskrit dramas. The Indian origin of the Fables of Pilpay has been already mentioned; but some even of the tales of the Arabian Night’s Entertainments have been traced to voluminous Sanskrit collection of stories, called ‘Virahatkat’ha’ from Vedic period._ (Professor Wilson Hindoo Theatre, Calcutta, 1810, India. Info. Courtesy, Prabhuram Ayurvedic College Trust Dispensary, Bombay, India)

EARTH AS GARDEN: The natural condition of human is neither that of a hunter, ranging through energies and destroys nor that of animal live on the stalk. It is rather the Eden of the Gardner living on the fruits of mother earth. Earth as garbage could feed thousand savages and can create more wars, hate and violence. Earth as pasture can create boundaries between the hearts of the people. Earth as ownership can create jealousy and despair but Earth as a natural garden can create love, hope and healing at the same time could feed an immense population above all save us from natural disaster. _ Dr. Bharat Vaidya

APPEARANCE: Appearance and illusion is that which does not exist at the beginning or at the end. Any appearance is perceived by ATMA or SOUL only as long as that particular condition of viewers mind which gives raises the appearance last. _ Dr.Bharat Vaidya

UNSTEADINESS AND MEDITATION: The remedy for VIKSHEPA (unsteadiness) is found in the practice of UPASANA (meditation), of which a necessary ingredient is concentration of the mind. UPASANA means from its root sitting or drawing nearer and nearer to the object of meditation till union is attained._ Dr. Bharat Vaidya

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