The classes which are offered are by Ayurved Sadhana Vidyalaya:

The Links above will help you decide which courses work best for you. Whether you wish to go into holistic healing, natural care, or simple wish for a continuing education course work, we can help. Ayurveda focuses on healing from within. We believe science and Ayurveda go hand in hand. We structure our courses with this belief and make them unique. Science and healing are at the core of our courses.

For any inquiries on course work and degrees, follow the links in the sidebar. These will give a series of PDFs that will show you the potential degrees we offer. Wondering which classes work for you? Feel free to contact us at anytime and we can help you decide.

The About Us tab will give you the information needed to call or email us.  Feel free to do so, as here, we are always willing to help the student reach their goal.

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