Here are few recipes which you can make quickly and enjoy with your family and friend which are satvik, vegetarian and delicious. Please check out here the cooking classes which we offer in 2016.

1. Buttermilk Soup (Kadhi)

    – Surprisingly delicious soup made out of buttermilk or yogurt.

2. Khichadi

    – Very satwik (pure) & easily digestible dish made out of yellow moong dal and rice.

3. Okra Vegetable

    – Okra vegetable is beyond your imagination and ten times healthier than restaurant.

4. Herbal Milk

    – Delicious herbal milk which will soothe your soul and body both. 

5. Cucumber Raita or Salad

    – Yummy cucumber salad with peanuts is perfect to cool down in hot, summer day