Dear Dr. V.

It’s been such a pleasure being a student in your class.
You have bought more than words, more than ideas, but it is the realm of love, compassion, and inspiration.
– Tripura


Thanks Dr. V for all the knowledge and wisdom you have blessed us with.
– Danielle


Dr. V, I am so happy to have you as my teacher and friend in my life!
– Mahamud


Dr. Vaidya,
Thanks you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and for your friendship into past school year. IT has been such a wonderful experience and what I value even more than the information you have provided are the smiles and laughter! Thank you for always coming to class with the passion and enthusiasm that makes you – you! Infinite blessings!!    – Alyse


To Dearest Dr. V,
I wanted to thank you for entering and taking us as your students. We will not let you down. You heart is big and knowledge of Ayurveda deep. I have learned more with my time with you, reaching a higher level and understanding of Ayurveda. I am blessed to have you as my guide on this great journey. Please never stop sharing the knowledge you have for it is needed in this world more than ever. The biggest lesson you taught me was never stop smiling and laughing. I plan to invest my heart and time into practicing Ayurveda; therefore I will be reaching out for your guidance and hope to stay in touch. I pray for you happiness and well being, for I am truly grateful you come into my life.
– Lauren


Dear Dr. Vaidya,
Thank you for sharing your deep passion for Ayurveda, your commitment to passing on the authentic wisdom of the sacred texts and bringing forth your family’s long lineage of Ayurvedic healing to Alandi Ashram.

– With respect, affection and love from all the students at Alandi Asharam